(From left to right) Ulises Diaz, Chairman, HackensackUMC Foundation, Board of Trustees, Robert C. Garrett, President and Chief Executive Officer, HackensackUHN, Inc.


While HackensackUMC remains focused on providing superior care to more patients, the HackensackUMC Foundation has remained committed to securing essential funds that support its mission. Since 1980, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with HackensackUMC to generate hundreds of millions of dollars that have directly contributed to the medical center’s success. In 2013 alone, the Foundation received $16.1 million in revenue, including new pledges and cash; and recorded more than 10,300 gifts.

This type of fundraising is made possible through its campaigns, individual/planned giving, grant development, and special events. Working closely with HackensackUMC leadership, our Foundation team works tirelessly to develop new campaigns that will most optimally benefit the medical center.

Some of its biggest campaigns in 2013 benefitted the Heart & Vascular Hospital, the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital, the John Theurer Cancer Center and the renovation and expansion of the Emergency and Trauma Center. The Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital finished the year with $1.7 million in new revenue, and the Foundation raised and released $1.2 million for the Emergency and Trauma Center expansion – truly a demonstration of the critical support we provide. The HackensackUMC Auxiliary, a group of dedicated volunteers and supporters that pre-dates even the medical center, presented gifts of $457,000 for 2013.

We also raise funds through other innovative ways, including our Touchdown Fund. In 2009, HackensackUMC teamed up with the legendary New York Football Giants to form The Touchdown Fund: Score for Kids, Cardiac and Cancer. The unique partnership has raised more than $1.8 million since its inception, with nearly $500,000 during 2013.

“Our amazing team of leaders, professionals, volunteers and donors make it all possible...”

The Foundation brings together members of the community for a unifying cause of supporting HackensackUMC. In 2013, six major special events netted an astounding $2.6 million - a Foundation record! The 2013 Recognition Gala held at The Plaza was the most successful gala to-date, grossing $2.3 million. Other events included the Annual Golf Outing, Annual Charity Run & Motorcycle Raffle, NY Giants Big Blue BBQ, Super Bowl Raffle, and the American Girl Fashion Show.

To engage even more of our community, the Foundation launched two new programs in 2013: the Grateful Patient Program and Research Champions, a new lecture series. The Grateful Patient Program was piloted in the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital to enhance the patient experience and afford patients the opportunity to show their appreciation for their caregivers by making a donation in their honor to the Foundation. The Grateful Patient Program will expand in selected areas of the medical center within the next year. The Research Champions lecture series raises awareness to Foundation benefactors about the innovative research initiatives conducted by HackensackUMC’s physicians.

The HackensackUMC Foundation will continue to find more ways to engage our already-established support base while identifying prospective donors and friends. We are only able to achieve all of this due to HackensackUMC’s world-class reputation as a healthcare leader. As one of the state’s largest health networks and the largest provider of inpatient/outpatient services in New Jersey, we are honored to have the support of our community.

Our amazing team of leaders, professionals, volunteers and donors make it all possible, and we thank them all for their relentless commitment to the betterment of Hackensack University Health Network and HackensackUMC.

Ulises E. Diaz

HackensackUMC Foundation
Board of Trustees

Robert C. Garrett

President and Chief Executive Officer
HackensackUHN, Inc.