Palisades Medical Center

Bernadette, Joel, and Ben Branosky

FaceTime in the Delivery Room

Bernard Mercer Branosky—known affectionately to world as Ben—was born on November 6, 2012. If you live in New Jersey, you already have some idea of the trials his mother Bernadette went through in the days preceding his birth. Hurricane Sandy arrived just a week before Ben did. To complicate matters even further, Ben’s dad, Joel, a lieutenant colonel in the 514th Civil Engineering Squadron, was in the midst of a six-month’s deployment in Qatar.

But Bernadette, the benefits manager for 200,000 U.S. employees of JPMorgan Chase, is a resourceful planner. Thanks to her determination, the help of family and friends, and the support of her physicians at Palisades Medical Center, part of Hackensack University Health Network, Ben’s delivery was successful and without incident—and Joel was present, at least virtually, for the happy occasion.

The Branoskys live in a second-floor apartment in Hoboken. On the evening of October 29, three feet of water was flowing through the street in front of their building, and at 9:15 the power went out. During the night, the first floor flooded. Bernadette had a battery-powered lantern, flashlights, extra batteries, fully-charged cell phones and laptops, and food, but being marooned in a flooded building was not the best situation for an expectant mother overdue for her final ultrasound. On Wednesday, her sister called the Army National Guard, who came and took her to the nearest shelter.

When she came in for her ultrasound on Monday, Bernadette realized that she had another crisis on her hands: she needed to give birth as soon as possible because her fluid was running low. An emergency C-section was scheduled the next day.

The news was too much. With her husband in the Middle East and her apartment uninhabitable, she broke into tears. One of her doctors suggested she call the Red Cross to see if they could request an emergency leave for her husband. Even though Joel’s commanding officer granted his request immediately, there still wasn’t enough time for Joel to be on hand for the delivery—but they had an idea.

The couple had been using the FaceTime feature on their iPhones and iPads to have live, video conversations during his deployment—and they knew that Palisades Medical Center had the necessary Wi-Fi connection. "When I proposed using FaceTime, the doctors couldn’t have been nicer and more understanding," Bernadette says. "We understood the situation and were happy to oblige," said her ob-gyn, Dr. Jeremy Moon.

Bernadette’s sister held the iPhone, filming and taking pictures, while Bernadette was giving birth. Joel watched Ben being born from Qatar and met his son the next day. "It was an amazing experience," he says. And to Dr. Moon’s amazement, the rest of her family in the waiting room had pictures of the delivery, relayed from Qatar, even before Bernadette left the operating room. "Technology is an amazing thing," he says. "We were glad to accommodate them."


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Clinical Expansion

Renovations to Palisades Medical Center’s Neonatal Level 2 Nursery and its affiliation with Hackensack University Health Network now provides 24/7 neonatology services and enables its Maternity Center to handle clinically complex cases. The clinical affiliation also provides pediatric cardiology ultrasound and echocardiography readings at Palisades Medical Center and ensures a 48-hour turnaround time to provide a report from a credentialed and accredited physician specialist. Simply put, parents-to-be at Palisades Medical Center can feel confident knowing they will receive the highest quality care in its Maternity Center and in the Neonatal Level 2 Nursery, should health problems arise – and they will receive that care right here, in our community.

In March 2013, Palisades Medical Center proudly opened its new Pediatric Unit to provide high-quality care for their youngest patients and families. The unit features beautiful and comfortable rooms designed to enhance the healing process as well as expanded amenities; including a playroom, a new security system and private rooms. The new unit also enables the Department of Pediatrics to ensure that a specialized, child-friendly environment is always available for the community.

Educating for a Brighter Future

This year, Palisades Medical Center successfully developed and quickly expanded a Graduate Medical Education (GME) Program that is training physicians to provide superior medical care to the Hudson and southern Bergen County communities. The GME curriculum emphasizes the delivery of compassionate medical care, an active role in patient advocacy, a dedication to community service, a plan for lifelong learning and a desire for the advancement of medical knowledge. The program has quickly grown to feature more than 70 students in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Traditional Rotating Internship, OB/GYN and Dermatology.

Growing - Building - Transforming

In December, Palisades Medical Center officially began construction on its new, on-campus Ambulatory Care Center. This 57,000-square-foot facility will expand the hospital’s capabilities and provide patients with convenient access to new, specialty care services that they would otherwise not find in local communities. Services that will be featured in the new building will include a dialysis center, HackensackUMC‘s John Theurer Cancer Center, Ambulatory Center for Endoscopy, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics and multi-specialty physician practices from HackensackUMC. Construction is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2014.